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During the first teachers' project meeting in Poland the project teachers had a training session on Symbaloo Edu and learned how to create a lesson plan in this tool. Then, the Polish, Bulgarian, Italian, Slovak and Turkish teachers who took part in the meeting taught their colleagues at their schools how to work with the tool. 

Moreover, to develop their teaching competences, the teachers of partner schools had many more trainings, conferences, meetings. Here you can see some of them, as well as the products of their work. 

Polish teachers learning how to use Symbaloo 

Workshops for teachers in


A tutorial made by Italian teachers for their colleagues on how to use a book creator
On your right you can see a link to presentation on SLIDESHARE and FLIPQUIZ. It was used at a teachers' training in the Polish school. 

Workshops for Polish teachers held by their colleagues on Kahoot, Quizizz and Padlet 

BYOD - bring your own device - a workshop for teachers at the Italian school 

A professional development training on new technologies and online tools for creating ESL materials 10 – 12 November, 2017 Sofia, CORPluS by Bulgarian partners

A workshop "How to use Kahoot" held at Slovak school by the coordinators - Agata & Zita

Instructions in Italian to help colleagues and students to create a kahoot!

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