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The project team consists of five schools from Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Turkey. Each of the schools is represented by a school coordinator. You can meet all of these brave and adventourous teachers right here!

Our cooperation has a very rich and fruitful history. Poland, Bulgaria and Turkey had a Comenius  project together (2012-2014). Slovakia, Italy and Poland worked on a Comenius project in the years 2009-2011. Finally, Poland and Italy had two Individual Pupil Mobility projects (2012/2013 and 2013/2014). 




My name is Anastasiya Dimitrova. I have been teaching English language at secondary level for 16 years. During these years, I had the chance to collaborate with incredible people, both my students and my colleagues. I consider my vocation as an incessant process of exchanging, learning, inspiring and creating. My previous experience of working on international projects showed me that there were so many special moments and memories and every piece of hard work deserves the happy look in my students’ eyes.




I am Nuhbay KORKMAZ from Zonguldak,Turkey.I have been a teacher of English for 20 years.I am working at a high school in Zonguldak.




I am the school coordinator from the Polish school and the coordinator of the whole project. A teacher of English and  a mother of two kids. I love reading and sleeping but usually lack time for both these activities. 


My e-mail :







Agáta is teaching economics and is manager of the Department of Finance. She was coordinator of 5 international Comenius projects.

The projects Environment and RES and Healthy learning, healthy future were rated very positively in the competition European Charlemagne Youth Prize.

Agáta has experiences with management of Erasmus + project as well. In years 2014-2016 Spojená škola was involved in Erasmus + project Career planning for teenagers.

In her activities connected with projects she has cooperated with many non-profit organizations and companies (such as Junior Achievement Slovakia, IBM Slovakia, Eures etc.) not only in international projects, but also in national projects.

She has two daughters, Silvia and Lenka. Agáta likes travelling and walking with her dog.




Hi everybody! My name is Daniela Corvino and I am one of the two coordinators of the Erasmus project “Healthy minds for happy lives”.

I have been teaching English at I.I.S. Eliano Luzzatti since 1994. I love my job although it is sometimes hard and very challenging. I not only like teaching but also doing a lot of other things! I like reading novels – my favourite are fantasy books – going to the cinema or to the theatre; I like art and travelling around Italy or abroad; I like cooking especially Italian typical dishes and meeting friends!

I don’t have any pets but, if I had one it would be a cat! I love them <3 I am keen on technology and I like to use it for my job.

Unfortunately I don’t like doing sport and when I want to exercise I go walking to the park or to the green areas nearby where I live. I live in a small town not far from Rome, about 30 Km (almost 45 minutes by car). Here life is healthier and more relaxed than in the big city. However, I like going to Rome, especially on Sunday. There is always something to do there: an art exhibition, a visit to the historical or archeological sites or to the hundreds of ancient churches, guardians of incredible artistic treasures, or finally,  just a walk along the most famous shopping streets.

I teach English language and literature in 6 classes, from the first to the fifth grade when they take their final examination, called Esame di Stato, and leave our school to attend University or look for a job. The students stay in one classroom and I go around different classroom throughout the day. Their age goes from 13-14, when they are in their first year, to 18-19 when they attend the fifth and last class.

Well! I think I have written enough about me! I hope to see you soon!

Our cooperation in the past 

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