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Schools should enhance students’ mental wellbeing. They should be able to recognize any problems students might suffer from and help them get over the difficulties. Unfortunately, schools can also cause such problems. Feeling unsafe, both physically and mentally, educational failures and social conflicts often correlate with students’ health and their general functioning in the society. These problems often result in alcohol and drug abuse, premature sexual contacts, behavior disorders and even juvenile delinquency. All in all, in the school environment we can discriminate between risk factors and protective factors.  Our most important GOAL in this field is to reduce the risk factors (if not eliminate them) and to enhance the protective factors. In our project we aim at doing this exactly. We want to make a difference at least in these five schools involved in the project. We plan to focus on fighting students’ low self-esteem, aggression they experience from their peers, especially cyberbullying, stress and their disability to handle it properly. Among the protective factors we intend to strengthen the positive atmosphere of the schools, well integrated peer groups that students feel good in and where communication is effective, anti-violence policy, competent adults that students can turn to in need (parents, teachers, external specialist).

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